Would you consider compiling a list of geology related puns? I’d enjoy it very much. Also your blog is great and I love it.

Okay, here’s what I’ve got so far (some are common around the internet, others are things we’ve come up with in our geo department):

Geology is the schist

Rocks are really gneiss

Do we have an apatite for geology? You breccia!

All my faults are stress related

Igneous is bliss

That’s some perfect cleavage

My sediments exactly

We don’t take geology for granite

Geologists are a little bit wacke

It’s been a tuff day

May the quartz be with you

Pyrites of the Caribbean

Let’s try and start with a clean slate

I realized I was getting old when a geologist dated me

Meteorites and meteor-wrongs

If you like geology you stalagmite be stalactite

My feelings toward geology are purely plutonic

[Feel free to contribute extras if people have any more!]

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