It’s Sedimentary, My Dear Watson!

Geology, Earth science, and natural history are fun and fascinating! I'm incredibly passionate about the amazing stories the Earth has to tell us! In the blog posts below, you'll find content covering the spectrum of introductory geology to more advanced topics. You can also check out what I'm currently researching and learn more about myself!


Tips for applying to graduate school programs in the geosciences

Even though it’s only October, it’s definitely prime-time for thinking about applying to graduate school programs if you haven’t already. As someone who went through the grad school application process last year (and is currently in a Ph.D. program), I thought I’d share a few application tips that might assuage any fears/make the process a… Continue reading Tips for applying to graduate school programs in the geosciences


Presenting at GSA!

Just got the official email that my GSA abstract has been accepted, so I’ll be heading out to Vancouver, BC in October! I’m giving an oral presentation in The Holey Solar System session, so I’m partially terrified but pretty excited. It’s crazy seeing my name up there with the leading experts in the field of… Continue reading Presenting at GSA!