It’s Sedimentary, My Dear Watson!

Geology, Earth science, and natural history are fun and fascinating! I'm incredibly passionate about the amazing stories the Earth has to tell us! In the blog posts below, you'll find content covering the spectrum of introductory geology to more advanced topics. You can also check out what I'm currently researching and learn more about myself!

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The Geology of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Black Spire Outpost, Batuu

Not too long ago at a theme park not too far away, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland—and soon at Walt Disney World—transporting people to Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. While the tall rock spires of Batuu enhance the other-wordly experience, they take their inspiration from some very real rocks here… Continue reading The Geology of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Black Spire Outpost, Batuu

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How do you form a mushroom rock?

Thanks to a variety of weathering and erosive processes, rocks can come in all shapes and sizes. The above rock from the McDowell Mountains near Phoenix, AZ has a peculiar shape similar to that of a mushroom! This rock is an example of a tor--an exposed mass of rock that abruptly rises above the surrounding ground… Continue reading How do you form a mushroom rock?

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Could an Earthquake Destroy Disneyland?

  Disneyland may be one of the happiest places on Earth, but it’s also smack in the middle of California earthquake country. The San Andreas fault runs through nearly the entirety of California and has produced many great earthquakes. The San Andreas fault defines a tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American… Continue reading Could an Earthquake Destroy Disneyland?

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A journey to the center of the Earth | Peridotite xenoliths

You don’t need to go on a Jules Verne journey down to the center of the Earth, sometimes the center of the Earth is brought up to us! These rocks are examples of peridotite xenoliths. A xenolith is a fragment of rock that becomes enveloped by magma without being melted or incorporated into it. In these… Continue reading A journey to the center of the Earth | Peridotite xenoliths


Can you find the unconformity?

An unconformity is an erosional or non-depositional gap in the geologic record. They typically form when an older layer is subject to a period of erosion before the deposition of new sediments.  This road cut near Payson, Arizona shows a pretty cool unconformity. Can you find where it is? Check the jump below to see… Continue reading Can you find the unconformity?

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Why are the Rocks of Sedona, Arizona Red?

Ever wondered why the rocks of Sedona are so vibrantly red? I made this video for Arizona State University’s Science Showcase competition, I’d greatly appreciate anyone who can view/share! Plus learning about geology is fun! (Source:

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Could a Sinkhole Swallow Walt Disney World?

Sinkholes are all too common of an occurrence in Florida, frequently swallowing cars and houses. The state of Florida has so many sinkholes because it is a karst landscape, composed primarily of limestone bedrock. So what are the odds that a sinkhole appears at Walt Disney World? What if I were to tell you there’s… Continue reading Could a Sinkhole Swallow Walt Disney World?

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The Wisconsin Dells | An Ice Age and modern water park

Despite its location in the heart of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Dells is today known as the “Waterpark Capital of the World.” However, it was its rocks—the actual Dells—that first made it a popular Midwest tourist destination back in the 1800s. The Wisconsin Dells—which come from the French word dalles, or narrows—is a 5 mile stretch of… Continue reading The Wisconsin Dells | An Ice Age and modern water park