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Could an Earthquake Destroy Disneyland?


Disneyland may be one of the happiest places on Earth, but it’s also smack in the middle of California earthquake country. The San Andreas fault runs through nearly the entirety of California and has produced many great earthquakes.

The San Andreas fault defines a tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American plate. These plates are trying to move past one another, and in doing so, produce earthquakes.

The southern portion of the San Andreas fault has not produced a great earthquake in historic times, and many seismologists anticipate the next big quake will occur in this area—putting at risk the greater Los Angeles area.

In this video, learn more about the San Andreas fault, earthquakes and the risks they pose to places like Disneyland.

1 thought on “Could an Earthquake Destroy Disneyland?”

  1. It’s nearly 2am and I somehow ended up down the Disney/earthquake rabbit hole. Well, that’s a way to start a Thursday.

    That said, well written and super interesting.


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