Marsday Tuesday

Welcome to a new series, “Marsday Tuesday!” Tuesday is named after Mars (the Latin name is dies Martis “day of Mars”), so each week on Tuesday, we’ll be sharing some important features, interesting research developments, and factoids on our friendly solar system neighbor, Mars! Let’s start off with a basic Mars breakdown to see how similar/different it… Continue reading Marsday Tuesday



Typically when you look at a geologic time scale, the Precambrian is all scrunched up, so even though it accounts for about 80% of Earth’s history, you forget how significant it is in the whole scheme of things. Putting the time scale into perspective like this just makes me marvel even more at human existence…… Continue reading ~4.55 BILLION YEARS – TO SCALE!

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Highlights of the Phanerozoic: Part 1 – Paleozoic [542 – 251 Ma]

Here’s a few highlights from the history of the Earth and life during the Paleozoic Era, the first Era of the Phanerozoic, which is the fourth Eon in Earth’s history. These events are mainly focusing on North America, and the dates of Periods and Epochs are partially rounded. PALEOZOIC ERA [542 - 251 Ma] CAMBRIAN (Є)… Continue reading Highlights of the Phanerozoic: Part 1 – Paleozoic [542 – 251 Ma]


Words to know: Palimpsest

On my very first ever day of geology class, my geology professor introduced me to the word palimpsest, which is a text written over other texts. Normally the word is used to describe parchments in which the original writing has been removed and written over by new writing, However, the Earth itself truly is the ultimate… Continue reading Words to know: Palimpsest